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Our employer clients have ranged from the small “Mom and Pop” operation to corporations with thousands of employees. They have also varied in scope from manufacturing to service-oriented businesses. We have represented them at all levels of administrative hearing, and in the court system.

Our injured worker clients are similarly diverse, and are from all areas of the work force. We have represented factory workers, executives, clergy, truck drivers, and even concert roadies. In addition to here in the Buckeye State, we have clients in Indiana, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, California, and elsewhere. So geography knows no bounds to Gibson Law Offices and the Workers' Compensation services we provide.


Gibson Law Offices was founded by Attorney Joseph E. Gibson in 1994. From its humble beginnings in a 1-room office in Tipp City, Ohio to our current offices in Vandalia, Fairborn, and Middletown, Gibson Law Offices has experienced an expansion of clients and facilities that is quite remarkable. We represent both injured workers and employers at all levels of Workers’ Compensation administrative hearings, and litigation, and employ seven people locally. Our practice is limited to Ohio Workers’ Compensation law, but we do accept personal injury, Social Security Disability, and other general practice matters for referral.

Gibson Law Offices’ development is a true American success story. In 1994 while employed at the now-defunct law firm of Susco, Hecht, & DeRose, Attorney Gibson realized that he could better serve the needs of his clients and the public “on his own”. He ventured out and started his own practice out of his home in Tipp City, Ohio at first. Many clients followed him from his previous practice, and as result Attorney Gibson was forced to establish his own client base. Several labor unions saw the quality work done by Gibson Law Offices and began referring many clients. Soon, service groups, chiropractors, doctors, and other attorneys began to follow suit. Today, Gibson Law Offices enjoys a formidable referral base from a wide range of sources. However, even with this referral system in place today Gibson Law Offices can now boast that the biggest source of Gibson Law Office clients are other clients. Spending almost nothing on advertising over the years, Gibson Law Offices can proudly state that, in addition to doctors, lawyers, and labor unions, the “word of mouth” of current and past clients has caused our practice to expand steadily over the years.

Gibson Law Offices first started in the front room of Joe’s home in Tipp City. Later, as the practice grew, a “storefront office” was established on Elva Court in Vandalia, Ohio, right across the street from Vandalia Butler High School. Vandalia was chosen due to its proximity to the Dayton Service Office of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, and where the Industrial Commission hearings are conducted. A suburban location was also desired because of the free parking, and safe, quiet neighborhood, and proximity to both Interstate 75, and 70. Additionally, many clients from northern regions of the Miami Valley also expressed reluctance to go all the way to downtown Dayton for legal services. Similarly, in order to meet the needs of our southern clients, the Fairborn office offers the same rural/suburban setting for our clients to the south. Our location in Middletown offers the same for that region too.

After about three years of growth at the Elva Court location, Gibson Law Offices was happily forced to seek larger space. In May of 1997, Gibson Law Offices moved to its present location at 545 Helke Road. Attorney Gibson decided to stay in Vandalia, again because of the free parking, suburban atmosphere of his law practice’s location, and its close proximity to the Dayton Service Office of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. In 1998 the Centerville office of Gibson Law Offices was established, and in 1999 the Middletown Office was opened. In 2010 the Centerville office was closed in favor of a location closer to the Industrial Commission's new hearing location in Fairborn. Now we can see clients at a facility that is located merely a few steps away from where hearings are held. Since then, Gibson Law Offices has serviced the needs of clients not only throughout Southwestern Ohio, but literally across the entire state. Now, with new technology, and our developing telecommunication computer data-base information, we can meet the needs of Ohio workers’ comp clients all across the country, and even around the world. So if you’ve got an Ohio workers’ compensation matter going on, no matter where you end up in the world (throughout Ohio, throughout the Country, or even around the planet) we can help you!


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