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Our employer clients have ranged from the small “Mom and Pop” operation to corporations with thousands of employees. They have also varied in scope from manufacturing to service-oriented businesses. We have represented them at all levels of administrative hearing, and in the court system.

Our injured worker clients are similarly diverse, and are from all areas of the work force. We have represented factory workers, executives, clergy, truck drivers, and even concert roadies. In addition to here in the Buckeye State, we have clients in Indiana, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, California, and elsewhere. So geography knows no bounds to Gibson Law Offices and the Workers' Compensation services we provide.


Gibson Law Offices boasts a staff with a combined experience of nearly 75 years. Add this with Attorney Gibson’s over 25 years experience, you have almost 100 years of workers’ compensation experience on your team!

Our staff includes registered nurses, Union Representatives extensively trained and versed in workers’ comp, construction managers and designers, and foundry workers. Not only do they have the workers’ comp know-how to handle your situation, but they bring a wide range of life experience that enables us to understand your own individual situation, and handle your case with empathy, and professionalism not often seen in this business.

The staff enjoys a good working relationship with other members of the legal, medical and workers' comp community, and have been commended by judges, agencies, bar associations, and law firms alike in their professionalism, and personal touch. We are lucky to have Roger, Terry, Tara, Betty, Sonia, and the others on our team!


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