What to Expect

After The First Appointment


Appointments set after the initial appointments are called “status” appointments or “follow-ups”, they, too, will last about an hour, but there is rarely any paperwork to fill out at these meetings. On these appointments we also ask that you keep us informed and updated with contact information about you and your claim. You will be asked several standard questions that we ask all clients in order to get the status of their situation.

All appointments are informal, if not casual in nature. Dress comfortably and be prepared to candidly discuss your case with Attorney Gibson in his conference room alone. This is necessary due to client confidentially issues. As with all appointments, please bring any paperwork, items you have received in the mail concerning your claim, or other relevant materials. You never know what seemingly useless scrap of paper might have a nugget of information on it that might end up being crucial to your case. If you need written documentation confirming your appointment (for school or employment purposes) we will gladly provide this to you upon request.


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