What to Expect

Phone Appointments

If you sustain a NEW INJURY at work, you should do the following:

  1. Notify your supervisor and submit a written incident report as soon as possible. If your employer does not issue a report form, or has not provided one to you, write down a description of your injury, copy it, and provide it to your boss and doctor.
  2. 2. Obtain medical treatment as soon as possible, and provide an accurate description of the injury to your doctor.
  3. Contact your lawyer if you have one.


If the client’s or attorney’s schedule will not permit an in-office appointment in a timely fashion, a phone appointment is often scheduled. This entails you setting a specific time and date to speak to the attorney over the phone in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or other place that is convenient for you. When we set this up we will let you know whether you should call this office or if we’ll call you. Most of the time we will call you. These phone appointments last about a half an hour. Please understand that the attorney may be running late on other matters, so do not give up and leave if your phone appointment does not go forward right at the time as scheduled. Like the in-office appointments, be prepared to candidly discuss your situation. The attorney may determine that you will need to come by the office to see him in person, or complete some paperwork, and this will be told to you at this appointment. It is wise to have your claim number, Social Security number, and Workers’ Compensation paperwork handy when you are having your phone appointment.


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